The Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos

The Cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos

Monk Epiphanios of Mylopotamos
μετάφραση: Ellene (Eleni) Phufas
φωτογράφιση: Giorgos Poupis

Σύγχρονοι Ορίζοντες, 2010
263 σελ.
ISBN 978-960-398-335-4, [Κυκλοφορεί]
Τιμή € 30,28

A hundred twenty six recipes, containing all the secrets of the macrobiotic diet, that the monks of Holy Mountain Athos follow for centuries, revealed for the first time by Elder Epiphanios of Mylopotamos.

I love cooking not because I want to please or be flattered but because I love the people I am cooking for. I hope that the book you hold in your hands, apart from the assistance of the recipes, helps you to get even closer to those you love through cooking. Open up your homes, invite your friends, cook together, set the table, drink wine, and celebrate...

"The monks of Mount Athos have long been known for their quiet, austere lifestyle... The Athos diet is essentially Mediterranean lite... A 10-year study has revealed extraordinarily low rates of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's among the brotherhood"

The Guardian / The Observer